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The Faculty of Social Sciences being one of the oldest and distinguished centres of learning has a long lineage of strengthening the academic fabric of the Banaras Hindu University. It has hosted scores of scholars and researchers whose contribution has been recognized and acclaimed the world over. In addition to the catering of teaching at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the five disciplines of Economics, History, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology, the Faculty has branched out its new direction

Prometheans - The Quiz Club
Tarz-e-Sukhan- The Poetry Club
Taalasya - Dance Club
The Theatre Society
Abhidarshan - Fine Arts Society


Wear your Pride

Note: We are not a business shop to earn profit, we sell our quality products at low cost in order to earn as a contribution

by setting up new centres in areas such as, women's studies and peace studies along with some of the professional courses to meet the emerging challenges of present-day world.

 Faculty of Social Sciences (bifurcated from the Faculty of Arts formerly Central Hindu College) was established in 1971 comprising five Departments of Economics, History, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology and other five centres.

It is in this light of consideration that the faculty proposes to upgrade its status as an Institute of Social Sciences.

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