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The Faculty of Social Sciences has four boys hostel and three girls hostel to accommodate students from Undergraduate level to PhD level.

The hostels are well equipped with 24x7 electricity and water supply. All the hostels have their own messes and canteens. The hostels have a common room for recreational purposes and as well as large lawns which add to their aesthetic sense.

The students who are not able to secure a seat in the hostel find accommodation in PGs and flats in areas outside the university campus. Cheap and good quality rooms are available in neighbouring areas like Naria, Hyderabad Gate, Lanka, Assi, Nagwa, Sunderpur and Chittupur. The university has made proper arrangements for their stay on campus during the class hours. There is a city delegacy where the day scholars can relax in between classes.

Due to the scarcity of hostels in the faculty, allotment is solely on merit basis.

The following are the hostels and delegacies available in Faculty of Social Sciences:

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