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Sports form an essential part of extracurricular activities. They help an individual develop not only a healthy body but also a sound mind. As a matter of fact, sports are a necessary part of education.Education aims at inculcating good values in the individuals and sports help in achieving that aim by developing a spirit of cooperation, mutual respect, self- control and discipline. 
           The faculty provides its students the opportunities to stay physically healthy and fit also to develop their talent in sports by offering them opportunities to participate in various games and sports. Competitions are organised at inter-faculty and intra-faculty level. Over the years, many of players from the faculty have been selected in the University teams and have successfully brought laurels to the faculty. 

Counsellor - Games & Sports Council, FSS 

Dr. Sandeep Kumar

Associate Professor
Department of Psychology
Faculty of Social Sciences 
Contact: +91 9415304668

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